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The Magical Qualities of Willpower and Self Discipline

When we talk about willpower and discipline one thing that comes in our minds is that they function together. You can’t have the willpower to do something if you are not disciplined. That is true. Because they always go together. But when it comes to us as individuals, is it possible for us to have both at the same time? Well, before I answer you that question; first let’s go deep into the meanings of discipline and willpower separately.

What Is Willpower?

Willpower is the inner strength that enables us to make decisions and carry them out. It is like a driving force that pushes us to perform tasks despite inner resistance or the feeling of not doing anything at all. Willpower is what keeps us going even when we feel like quitting.

How’s Discipline Any Different?

On the other hand, discipline can simply mean a way of behaving that shows the willingness to obey orders for the sake of self-improvement. It can also mean a form of correction or punishment to make someone obedient to rules or orders. So, we say someone is disciplined when they portray a certain kind of good behavior such as respect, obedient, self-control and all these traits sum up to what we call self-discipline.

In short, willpower is a conscious behavior while discipline is a thoughtless behavior adopted after correcting oneself. Willpower is what builds character, it defines who we are. And where there is willpower there is resolution for change, there is firmness, there is persistence, there is determination and there is the strong power of pushing yourself to achieving goals and success. We build discipline through willpower.

self disciplineLet’s say for example you have set to achieve specific goals in your life. For anyone to achieve anything in life first you have to be hardworking and disciplined. You have to wake up every morning and work towards your goals. If you set your mind to achieving that goal and you have created a working schedule to help you through; that is where discipline is portrayed. Willpower comes in to emphasize the actions you want to take to achieve that goal. Like I said earlier it is like a driving force pushing us to perform tasks.

One thing you should always know is that goals, achievements and success is achieved when self-discipline is portrayed. People who are disciplined have a higher chance of becoming successful in life than people who are not disciplined. Because where there is discipline; there is self-control, there is respect and there is obedience. All these are keys to a more successful life. We build discipline through willpower and through discipline willpower is also created.

This brings us to our question in the first paragraph. Can we have both? I mean willpower and discipline? The answer is quite simple. We can, but solely depends on an individual. What drives me to say this? Because of how we perceive things in life.

Let’s say you have set goals but the challenges seem impossible to bear. You could be complaining all the time how tough and boring your goals are or how time consuming they are. You could have the willpower to achieve your goals but what will happen if you constantly show up late to work because you have been up drinking the whole night? What will happen to your goals if still you aren’t done with bad habits? Can we say such an individual is disciplined? Of course not.

Instead of complaining about this or that why don’t you look at your goals in a different perspective and try to work differently? These little changes can have an impact on how you perceive things and in turn make you move in the right direction. Not only that, learning ways on how to manage life issues like stress and having a positive attitude can all go a long way to achieving both willpower and discipline.


Athletes, Work Ethic & Success

Everybody wants to be successful but no ones wants to put in the hard work. I’m pretty sure someone said that once but I’m not exactly sure. Could have been Eben Pagan, not totally sure. Another similar quote was made by a body builder, “Everybody wants big muscles, but nobody wants lift heavy ass weight.” I think it was Ronnie Coleman. Again, I could be wrong.

The point is. How many people want to be successful? How many people say they want to achieve their dreams. They want to quit their jobs, they want to live in a big mansion, they want to send their kids to private school, they want to get the girl of their dreams. Blah blah bla…. On and on and on and on and on.

Now, how many people do you see hustling everyday? How many people do you see grinding every day? Do you see people putting forth their maximum effort  on the daily? Because that’s what it takes.

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I believe mindset is one of the biggest factors that contributes to a person’s success or failure. Depending on what you think, how you think and how proficient you are at tearing down the barriers in your mind that prevent you from accomplishing what it is you want.

One of my biggest mentors is Kobe Bryant. I’m a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan and have always been mesmerized by the work horse that is Kobe. And arguably the biggest thing that allows him to put in the hours and hours of work as he does is his mindset. Without the mentality of getting better, improving, working hard and having that philosophy of life that the more you put in the more you get out, he wouldn’t take the actions that he does.

This motivational video below is one that has helped me during some tough times and I thought I’d share it here in case it could help someone out there.


Best Ideas to Consider for Self Development

It can be really hard for you to transform yourself to a better person. Self development is a thing that you require for being in better form. There are so many things that you need to consider for improving your personality well. Understand the possibilities so that you can have self development and better way for getting yourself in awesome position.

Thinking Positive

It is good for you to have positive thinking in your mind so that you can easily be the way you want. It is good for you to think about all the things that you need to accomplish. It is require for you to build the dareness in you to dream. When you dream only you can achieve what you want in life. Every new kind of the milestone is the way for you to start the things. Make sure that you take things in positive way for improving yourself well.

Finishing the Things you Start

It is good for you to finish the things that you start. When you do that it can enhance your confidence and make you have better belief on your own abilities. It is good for you to do things with proper plans so that you can easily finish things.

Face Your Fears

Every individual has got some part which is weak. Some where you will lose confidence and it is human behavior to stay away from this. What you need to do is to face the fear that you have so that you can come out of it. If you have fear in facing the crowd then make sure that you take challenges for facing the crowd. Engaging in something that you fear is the way for you to push yourself to the track of growth. Do not take such challenges that are hazardous but do the things that may advantage you someway or the other and you may feel hard to do.

Exercise Regularly

When you do exercise, it is a good way for staying healthy and also to keep your body in good form. There is possibility for you to look exceptionally good when you do exercise. Your looks can really enhance your personality. You can be more confident when you look good.


Exercise is necessary not only for your body but also for your mind. Meditation is the finest way through which you can make your mind in good and functioning form. Meditation is the best way for tackling inner demons and also can make you ready for facing the world. Meditation is the best way through which you can deal with the issues like personality issues, sleeping disorder, anxiety and also depression.

Quitting Bad Habit

Improving your personality cannot be possible if you are not able to quit the bad habits that you have. There are few habits that are bad for you like drinking, smoking etc. It is always good for you to quit all these habits so that you can improve your health and also your image before others.

Be Active

Never try to hide yourself somewhere thinking that you cannot do anything or achieve any stuffs. Try to do so many things and get involved as many kind of activities that is possible. When you keep on doing things you get confidence that you are capable of performing things well. Being in sports or arts is important for you to improve your self development. Parents should always try to get their kids involved in some kind of activities at college or school. When you become active, your self development gets a significant boost.


Try to be in some groups and communicate with your peers. Try to be in such a group n which you are comfortable and you do not face bullies. Being part of a good group of peers can also make it possible for you to have a good level of self confidence. Try to communicate with them about the ideas that you have. Listen to them and acquire knowledge and new things from your friends. Communication is not just about expressing your ideas but also about listening and grasping things from what others say. Developing your knowledge in such a way can make you self development.

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